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post traumatic stress disorder 


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A message from the Author:

Recently while driving across town, my trip was suddenly halted by flashing lights, a ringing bell, and the rail road gate descending. Soon an enormous diesel locomotive thundered through the intersection, shaking the earth around it. It was followed by a long line of box cars. I began to think as each rail-road car rolled past my vehicle, just how much like life, the train was!

I watched as the strong locomotive headed into the future, represented by the vacant tracks ahead. The engine itself representing the present so able to move forward with great strength and determination to get to its final destination.
The present, or locomotive, had in tow, its past, represented by the box cars. Those cars had concealed within them the memories of the past. If a box car whizzed by with a loud squeaky wheel, it seemed to be a time in the past where there was an event that was disagreeable to that time.

Imagine a train with one hundred cars, and each car representing one year. Each year, or car, filled with memories of that year. Some cars, or years, were in good shape, others obviously needed maintenance.
P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), is like that bad wheel on a box car in the past. It just needs a little maintenance to be able to continue without strain.

My decision to write this novel was one of necessity to repair my squeaky wheel. It was an exercise to deal with the thoughts and stress that were ever present.

Don’t drag down your locomotive or “present”, from preventing you from making your destination, if there is a year in the past that requires maintenance get it now before it drags the locomotive down.

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